Case Study: Arkansas Cancer Coalition

ACC logo.jpeg


The Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC)—a network of cancer control partners from every corner of the state—works to ease and, ultimately, eliminate the burden of cancer for the people of Arkansas. The Coalition does the following:

  • Provides an overview of cancer control

  • Strengthens the cancer control support network

  • Maintains a plan of goals and strategies

In other words, ACC is the cancer organization that all other cancer organizations in the state turn to for information, networking and funding. Yet, while ACC does a phenomenal job of disseminating cancer information (82% of its members use the Arkansas Cancer Plan as a guide) and coordinating Arkansas' cancer control efforts (87.7% of its members have made valuable connections through the coalition), the organization was struggling to tell its own story. 

The Concept:

ACC connects medical professionals with community leaders, advocacy volunteers with policy makers and cancer survivors with cancer stakeholders. And they connect everything they do to the Arkansas Cancer Plan - the master plan to eradicate cancer in our state. 

The Annual Report needed to visually convey how ACC "connects the dots" and to become a metaphorical representation of ACC's mission. 


The Unveiling:

However, producing the Annual Report was just the first step. To ensure that the Report wasn't simply mailed to members and forgotten, Living Pink helped create an unveiling event that let ACC members to feel as connected to the Annual Report as they were to the organization. To mimic the die-cut dots on the cover, we created 5" circles in three colors (one color for each section: Programs, Plan and Partners). Event attendees were asked to fill out the dots with examples of how ACC had helped them in the fight against cancer. The dots were then placed on huge wall banners that formed a massive connection of dots. 

Overall Results: 

The Annual Report was well received. Nearly 75% of ACC members who attended the unveiling event filled out the "dots" to express their connection to the Arkansas Cancer Coalition. Many use the word "connect" in their statement indicating they understood the message behind the Annual Report.