the resonATE Roadmap

LPC uses our Resonate Roadmap to help clients achieve their marketing goals; the Roadmap happens to have eight key features.

See what we did there? A little bit of wordplay, punnery, fun with numbers and some alliteration thrown in for good measure. Pretty witty, right?

You may have heard from agencies who brag about being disruptive and crashing through the clutter. But disruptive people are no fun to be around and crashing a party uninvited is rude. LPC makes sure your brand is invited to the parties—and that it’s prepared for the opportunities they present.


We help businesses connect with customers and resonate with their audience in a way that builds relationships and loyalty.

When your brand resonates, it feels right and true.



I’m in my sixth year of regular TV appearances; since working with Glenn, I’ve been able to strengthen my on-air segment content a lot. He’s a nut, but his calmness and attention to detail is very handy.

— Bryan dunlap

Dunlap Dental

Creative, energetic, professional, proven winners. Look no further than Living Pink.

— Clark Trim

Colonial Wines & Spirits

Jodie is a delight to work with. Her public relations and marketing expertise as well as her enthusiasm and kindness would benefit any organization that engages her services.

— Brenda Barber

Executive Director
Little Rock Winds

We needed help with our restaurants’ branding and social media. Living Pink oversees our promotions, website and Facebook pages, and we’ve seen good growth in sales and engagement. Working with Living Pink is easy, quick and fun!

— Josh Woodard

Shotgun Dan’s Pizza

What I appreciate most is the media training. It gave me the confidence that our company, our brand, is prepared to deliver with each media opportunity.

— Stephen Northington

Northington Investment Group