Marketing That Resonates



Branding a Celebration Destination

What comes to mind when hearing the words "liquor store"? A dingy, cramped walk-in closet with some grumpy dude sitting on a stool behind the counter? A giant warehouse where you're on your own? 

Our client had spent decades building a store that was none of the above. To better reflect their customer service, selection and welcoming vibe Living Pink developed a new brand identity. Celebrate More is an invitation and call-to-action to customers as well as a description of what Colonial offers.


Delivering New Customers to a Classic Brand

Shotgun Dan’s Pizza has been a staple in central Arkansas for over 40 years. With three locations and a reputation for unique flavors and generous toppings, the restaurant had developed a strong following over the years. But in order to battle growing competition and to infuse new energy into its brand, Shotgun Dan’s came to Living Pink.

We developed several in-store promotions, created coasters and coloring sheets designed to bring in families and helped kick off a new partnership with Seattle Mariners affiliate Arkansas Travelers Baseball.


Connecting the Dots

LPC designed an award-winning Annual Report for the Arkansas Cancer Coalition that visually conveyed the links between the Coalition members and people, using a “connect the dots” theme.  An unveiling event helped bring the report to life. About 100 event attendees filled out dots listing ways the Coalition had helped them in their fight against cancer.  The dots were placed on huge banners to form a connection of dots. It was a visual metaphor for ACC's mission.

Creating Thought Leadership


How does a professional service provider increase awareness with prospective customers in the face of intense competition? By becoming a category thought leader.  

Living Pink used its media contacts with a local television station to place Dunlap Dental owner Bryan Dunlap inside its local programming as an authority in his field. Since recent figures put TV usage at over 80%, Dr. Dunlap engages with new customers and prospects regularly.



Making the Grade for a Tutoring Center

Although part of a franchise with access to national marketing tools, Huntington Learning Center needed a local marketing partner to help engage customers in central Arkansas. 

We placed media – both the national ads as well as locally-designed testimonial ads – in strategic media outlets; placed columns and pitched TV segments to position Huntington as a leader in education; and created content for local PTA newsletters to ensure that central Arkansas parents and teachers knew they had an incredible resource as their disposal.



Promoting a Marriage Counselor at a Bridal Show

Bridal fairs typically feature wedding planners, florists, dress designers and caterers. They’re not the place you normally find a marriage counselor. But given the challenge to find a way to market our client at this event, Living Pink focused on the benefits of relationship counseling rather than the negative image associated with it. The result: We Plan Anniversaries. 

During the Bridal Show we also created an Anniversary Game, where attendees were given a number at random and asked to identify the Traditional Anniversary Gift associated with that year of marriage.



Localizing a National Brand

LPC has provided consulting services for the state office of AARP since 2010. During this time we have helped raise awareness of AARP programs and services; secured media coverage for events and community outreach initiatives; provided PR assistance in public policy advocacy efforts and conducted media training for its staff and key volunteers.


The Arts: Spotlighting Creativity

Georges Braque, French Cubist and Picasso contemporary, said that the only valuable thing about art is the thing you can’t explain. So, advertising and marketing the arts is an exercise in opening doors and letting that thing in. Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Wildwood Park for the Arts, and Little Rock Winds contacted Living Pink Communications looking for a marketing partner to expand their footprint in Central Arkansas.