Case Study:
shotgun dan’s pizza


Best Pizza in Town

The restaurant had won several “best of” readers’ choice awards in previous years, but wasn’t keeping current with that portion of its brand awareness. When Shotgun Dan’s appeared as a finalist in the local newspaper’s “Best of the Best” balloting, Living Pink used social media posts and in-store collateral to increase customer votes.   

Generate Excitement

A very low impact, low cost and efficient way to promote a product is to give away samples. Shotgun Dan’s Pizza took that a step farther by giving away a very large sample: one year’s worth of free pizza to a lucky winner. This simple promotion generated thousands of entries and heavy social media buzz for Shotgun Dan’s Pizza during its run. The increased sales and foot traffic were an added bonus. 

Focus on Families

Pizza is a family-friendly food. But it takes a bit longer to go from order to plate than other choices, and that wait can seem very long to a family with young kids. Living Pink used augmented reality to ease the wait. By using their smart phones to scan a QR code hidden in the restaurant’s drink coasters, customers experienced the thrill of restaurant mascot Shotgun Dan boogying—complete with his own soundtrack. We supplemented this tech-intensive approach with one as old as childhood: activity sheets, featuring brand elements for coloring, connecting dots and ready-to-solve puzzles. By the time kids’ notoriously short attention span was exhausted, their pizza was ready.

Play Ball

In Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Travelers are a local tradition going back nearly a century. When the Class AA MiLB baseball team was looking for a new pizza purveyor, Living Pink helped Shotgun Dan’s focus their pitch and bring the agreement home. MiLB clubs are famous for their inventive promotions, and Shotgun Dan’s “no skimpin’” topping-heavy pizza style lent itself to a Toppings Toss—select game attendees throwing “toppings” (flying discs) onto a giant pizza for prizes.