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Do I Belong Here?

A few years ago I was meeting a magazine editor at a neighborhood coffee shop that I had never visited before.  While sipping a beverage awaiting my appointment, I took a mental note of the “feel” of this newly discovered coffee house.  Or, more specifically, I made a note of how it made ME feel.  And, as you’ll see from the actual Facebook post I wrote at the time, I didn’t quite feel at ease.

Social Studies: Customer Service in the Online World

One of the trickiest aspects of modern business is managing a social media presence. A customer-facing business, like retail or food service, can expect scores (sometimes hundreds) of posts, shares and comments each day. The rise of self publishing via the Internet has made warriors of us all.

In the online realm, opinions are stated as facts and trolls seem to be everywhere. Yet, into this semi-toxic environment your business must wade, since the hazards are worth engaging customers and prospects.